This is a film that uses history as a prism through which to reflect current preoccupations. There are plot byways within it that feel very of the moment, into gender transition, religious intolerance and sexual politics. Indeed, the very idea of a movie with two strong young female leads seems a powerful reflection of the new direction in Hollywood.

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Hop on, hop off buses are a great way of getting your bearings in a city. They’re especially great for children. Hop off when they’re tired, bored or hungry. The time has come for a new model of shareholder engagement one that strengthens and deepens communication between shareholders and the companies that they own. I have written before that companies have been too focused on quarterly results; similarly, shareholder engagement has been too focused on annual meetings and proxy votes. If engagement is to be meaningful and productive if we collectively are going to focus on benefitting shareholders instead of wasting time and money in proxy fights then engagement needs to be a year round conversation about improving long term value.

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