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cheap moncler coats You’ll find Monk in the quartet orientation with which he played for many years; it included long time saxophonist Charlie Rouse. (Coincidentally, another worthwhile live recording emerged this year of a Thelonious Monk quartet at the 1959 Newport Jazz Festival.) The rhythm section did feature two young musicians new to the band, Berklee student Nate Hygelund (bass) and 17 year old Paris Wright (drums), though the Thelonious Monkquartet had had about a month on the road to get moncler jackets outlet it together before this particular show. They take on cheap moncler jackets outlet a familiar program of moncler jacket online Monk’s music, and also make moncler outlet usa room for their leader to play some stride inflected Tin Pan Alley tunes alone on stage. cheap moncler coats

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